Movement Into Denton & UNT

SureDroid has long been about supporting our local communities. We work towards building up community members and young adults within the community as professionals, and setting them up with the tools and resources they need to succeed. This is why we partnered with students and officials at the Texas Academy Of Math and Science (TAMS) from the University of North Texas (UNT).

SureDroid at TAMS (SDAT) presents a variety of new opportunities available for anyone at the school to get involved in. The student-led club is partnered with SureDroid to host large events, competitions, workshops, team projects, and more. For the University of North Texas, it presents a new viewpoint of learning not commonly discussed, the idea of collaborative professional learning. A chance for students to build purpose and drive, and join a team/project in support of new ideas based on creating local and international community involvement and support.

Not only does the club provide a new learning experience, but SureDroid at TAMS also presents a new idea not commonly seen in other clubs; Outside structured curriculum. Many schools look towards building their own internal programs in new industries, but oftentimes these programs can be underfunded and undersupported, especially in lower-income communities. For many schools, SureDroid presents a new alternative supplemental method of learning for students built on university-based curriculum and industry-standard practices that introduce new and growing fields. For the students, SureDroid presents new engaging opportunities, connections, and educational experiences different from the standard k-12 curriculum they have gotten accustomed to. And this is exactly what is happening at TAMS.

However, these opportunities are not only limited to TAMS. While part of the goal of SDAT is to provide students there with unique educational experiences, another part of it is bringing these educational experiences to those lower-income or under-supported schools throughout the Denton County community. UNT represents a major focal point of education within the Denton County community, and a lot of initiatives, programs, and support from local schools come from UNT and TAMS. Working with UNT has allowed us to better integrate with the Denton Community, and directly provide the funding, programs, and support needed to see local students succeed.

SureDroid at TAMS is currently accepting applications, and if you are a student in Denton County, the invite to apply is open for all regardless if you go to TAMS or a local school.

To learn more about SureDroid at TAMS and/or apply, visit

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